Wedding Wednesdays: Trends of 2015 #PartFive

As this month and series comes to a close, Wedding Trends are ongoing and are ever evolving. You never know what trend may pop up! Check out in this post how you can splash some fun in the dessert options! Happy Planning!

1.)Wedding Pie

This is a great alternative to a cake for all your guest who are fans of pie! This is a great way to have variety and have a unique touch to your wedding!

weddingpie2 weddingpie trio_pie-1024x409 Pie-Wedding-Cake

2.)Macaroon Cake

If your not crazy about cake here is a great alternative for those who want to serve something light or sweet! This is a great option for a brunch wedding!

macrooncake macrooncake1wedding-cake-tower-macarons-macaroons-london-uk-sussex-clarice-house-favours-02

3.) Coloured Wedding Cakes

Jazz up your cakes with a splash of color, creating that ambiance you are striving for. You can find cakes that fit in the sweet rustic or simply elegant, you can find that perfect cake for your special day!

colured    wedding_multi-coloured_layer



Wedding Wednesdays: Top Trends of 2015 #PartFour


With a full transition into the wedding season, there are many things that you may give that unique touch to your special day! One of the biggest presentations is food and how to select the right food but also how to have it displayed. In this post you can see some new ways in doing so.

Cheese Display/Sommeliers

Why not go above and beyond the normally cheese  platter during cocktail hour. This display will have your guest impressed and dazzled!


Food Bars

Have an assortment of specific type of dishes you may love and share with your guests!donutbar pie bar popcornnn

Food Trucks

If you want a fun atmosphere where it is laid back but still serving the best and freshest food, consider this latest hit!

food_truck_wedding foodtruck weddingfoodtruck

Wedding Wednesdays : Top Wedding Trends of 2015 #PartThree


Happy Wednesday! Happy Hump day! During one of the most important days of your life, you want to remember your special day in every way possible! See how some brides have decided to capture the moment!

1.) Selfie Stick


You can your bridal party can capture all the fun moments that others may not see that special day and decide to  share all the fun with the world.


2.) Drone Photos


Here is a fun way to catch the special moment in every angle possible! Some photographers use this devices to get aerial shots of their lovely couple.

3.) Photobooth


Its a great way for you to see how others have experienced your wedding! Where everyone can have fun and get silly! Its a hit at every wedding 🙂


Wedding Wednesdays: Top Wedding Trends of 2015 #PartTwo


This year there is a lot of wedding trends that are arising that are new or ones that may be revisiting from the past. This time period requires a lot of planning  and organization. Here are some applications that you can use on your mobile device that can make this process easier and give you peace of mind. Happy Planning!

1.)The Knot Wedding App.

Its a terrific wedding planning application that can service you in a variety of ways. From finding the perfect venue in your budget, caterers, photographers and etc. This application is vital for planning and it comes with a great countdown to your big day!


2.) Task Rabbit

This application is helpful for delegating and tasking things to others. It is an application that also helps with figuring out where certain things are done at and where to go for it! There are going to be so many little things to do. Make sure it doesn’t fall through the cracks.app1

3.)Tourist Eye

Here is an application to help you scout out the perfect honey moon destination for you and your spouse! Trying to figure out the best place to go that season, within your budget and have all the activities   that you want to do. Try this application to make that planning process easier for you!





Wedding Wednesdays: Top Wedding Trends of 2015 #PartOne



With Wedding Season starting to happen, it is evident of the many different trends that may appear this year. From having a small destination wedding to a huge cultural celebrational wedding,from bridal fashion to more technology resources available you can apply many of these trends or ideas to your wedding that you are planning to have!  Here are just a few we will explore the next few weeks! Next week we will look at some apps and other trends which will make your life more simpler in the process of planning for yourself and organizing your wedding party. Now here are some tunes you can listen to as you read this post 🙂

Bridal Jumpsuits and Statement-Making Separates

br br2 br3 br4 br6






























Your Bridesmaids can do it too!



Trend 2: Detailed Backs with Straps

These dress are seen as elegance and the work of the art of the dress is presented on the back. It catches the eyes of many leave your guests in AWE of your dress. Many designers are created these dresses with such delicate and gorgeous detail, its hard to pull your eyes away!

amazing-detail-back-wedding-dresses backd backd1 backdress


Trend 3: Third Dress

Yup! You read it right, a THIRD Dress. Lately more brides have a fiend for just more than one style so they dip and splash in a few on their wedding day! These forward thinking brides normally have a ceremony ball gown dress and then a sheek evening dress and ending the night with the third dress is normally a little white dress when the bride is ready to let her hair down and just have fun with her guests. It is the perfect trend to try if you are a bride who loves options!




Randi Rahmlwd2


Wedding Wednesdays: Bar Ideas for your event or wedding

Weddings and events are important moments in our lives. We all want to make our wedding or events perfect, unique to our own taste and fun.  In this post you will be given some  ideas of some easy, fun and delicious food bar ideas that you could have at your event! These are some great DIY food bar ideas that you can have at your wedding, event, housewarming, etc…

Taco Bar


Milkshake Bar


Fondue Bar


Waffle Bar


Candy Bar


Churro Bar


Cookie Bar


Pointi Mashed Potato Bar


Popcorn Bar


Ice Cream Bar


Pie Bar

pie bar

Event Planning 101


If you may or may not know I am a full time elementary special education teacher. I love what I do but I also have a passion for event planning. In life we have tons of life events that occur birthdays, engagement parties, weddings,holiday parties, housewarming, baby showers, anniversary party, etc. Event planning, can be fun, enjoyable,amusing, but it can be chaotic, hectic and overwhelming if you don’t plan well. It is vital to have a positive mindset and be organized. Here are just a few tips on what to prepare and plan for.


1.) The Blueprint


There are a few questions that needs to be asked when you are trying to put an event together.What is the point of event? Is there a goal,or a mission?Is it a fundraiser? Are you going to display a new product? Whether you have a business goal or just want to put a smile on someone’s face, you definitely want to have a clear end goal.


2.) What is in the wallet?


Whether you are planning an event for someone else or your own event, it is imperative to have a clear understanding what the budget is. It allows you to know what you are capable of doing and how many people to invite. You can start creating checklists based on what your budget is. It is vital for you to create the budget so you and whomever your planning with.


3.) The perfect time and place


It can be a hard task trying to find the perfect venue and time, depending on how much time you may have to your scheduled event date. Some really great venues are hotel banquet halls, convention centers or even some universities and colleges have great halls depending on how many people are planning to attend your event. A lot public places from the city or state may have reduced rates.


4.)Who’s Who?


Who to invite is just half the battle. It is important to create invitations that reflect the event and the personality of the company,team, couple or individual. It is imperative to send the invitations with a sufficient amount of time left to send out so you can receive RSVP back with enough time so render your guestlist.

planning sheet

Happy Planning!