meJust a 29 year old who is getting acquainted with the city of Dallas, Texas.  I got married to the love of my life in July 2016.  I am a momma to be and super excited for this journey. I moved down here 6 years ago and loving every moment here! I am a full time teacher,  event planner & love  the path that I have chosen. I love to cook,  workout, go to church, play tennis, board games, shop, plan events, volunteer and hang out with my loved ones and friends. Being a Christian is one of the core things that make up who I am and I will also post also some inspirational posts as well 🙂

This a page of recommendations but upcoming fashions and decor  you may consider for your big day or event!  I am a foodie and love to cook so I will definitely put some recipes and Great DIY that you could have for your event or just for yourself personally!   If you are interested in ever working together or have any questions at all, please feel to drop me a note under “Contact Me” page. Happy Planning!




2 thoughts on “About

  1. This is more than absolutely perfect!
    Great Planner and Undercover Chef Extraordinaire meets the long desires of a Far from Chef-Boyardee Oklahoma girl who wants to learn to cook! Mere perfection 🙂 Will keep up. Just keep posting.

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