Breaking into my 3rd Trimester


I can’t believe it! I am 36 weeks and I am 4 weeks away from the due date. April 16th, I am 9 months pregnant but fun fact is that women are typically pregnant for 10 months NOT 9 months.


I am excited for you to come!This journey truly has been a transformative one. I can honestly say that God has worked on me and helped me to shape my mind frame to mentally and obviously physically to be ready. I believe the first trimester was tough because you are physically going through changes whereas the second trimester was more of a breeze and in my opinion the easiest trimester. Now, until now I haven’t had too may issues.  I have had back pain occasionally , it had went  away for awhile but is coming back as my belly is expanding.  I also heard as a rumor that your belly button becomes an out-ie as your belly expands and I can say mine is still an in-nie lol.  My nausea has subsided but I can definitely say I like what I like, when it comes to food and I can’t really negotiate eating what I am not feeling.


I was super sick a few weeks ago but it just seemed so bad to be pregnant and SICK! You can’t take any meds really. So I fortunately had some great advice with honey, lemon and warm water which helped and the netti pot which helped IMMENSELY to unblock my nasal congestion. EVERY PERSON ESPECIALLY PREGNANT Women should invest in this. It may seem like a strange things to do but seriously it made me I took Tylenol Cold Syrup and was safe for me. But ALWAYS check with your doctor.


I luckily got blessed with baby showers from my mom and family and friends in Denver. Shout out to Meseret, Mizer and Betty for planning and creating such a loving  shower with my loved ones with everyone who was there for myself growing up and Willie and I in this stage.  I got to go in nick of time. My doctor told me I could travel up to 32 weeks( 8 months), which is when I went. I have heard of other moms who were able to travel up to 36 weeks. My lovely friends ( Guelila, Missy, Courtney, Lily,Bemmy and Rae in Cali ) in Dallas did a phenomenal job in  just showering us with love and we got reveal our daughter’s first name …. ELIANA.( I will write a post soon in how we picked this name. ) Willie & I’s church family were there to celebrate our Baby Ely and we couldn’t be any more joyous to know we have a tribe of people welcoming her into the world.





This past Friday, I had my 35 week checkup and my doctor asked me if I had my hospital bag ready and I just thought to myself … “ALREADY?! I have a month” and she informed me that I need to be ready. So that is next on my list on things that I need to do. I may create a short video blog/VLOG to share this information. I am discovering things as they come so thank you to everyone who has sent advice! I am always open to advice and prayers. Thank you for everyone who has prayed for us and will keep us in their prayers in these final coming weeks and as we transition to full time parenthood! We love you! This is a beautiful journey and time period I will always treasure for the rest of my life!


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